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Can a Company Take Legal Action Against a Minor?

Question from az, Can a Company Take Legal Action Against a Minor?

Answer from AI:

When a company enters into a contract with a minor, there are special considerations to take into account. In many jurisdictions, individuals under the age of 18 are considered minors and are subject to certain legal protections when it comes to contracts. Here’s what the company should consider in this situation:

Understanding Contracts with Minors

  • Capacity to Contract: Generally, minors do not have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts. Contracts with minors are often voidable at the minor’s discretion. This means that the minor can choose to either honor the contract or void it.
  • Exceptions: There are exceptions to this rule, such as contracts for necessities (food, clothing, shelter, etc.) or employment contracts, which are often enforceable against minors.
  • Enforceability: If a contract is not for necessities and is voidable, the minor can return any goods or property received and disaffirm the contract, effectively canceling it.

Legal Actions Against a Minor

  • Recovery of Goods: If the minor has received goods or services, the company may be able to recover the goods or their value if the contract is disaffirmed.
  • Down Payment: Since the minor failed to pay the down payment, the company has not provided any goods or services yet. This may limit the company’s ability to take legal action to recover the down payment.
  • Seeking Legal Advice: It is crucial for the company to seek legal advice to understand the specific laws and regulations that apply in their jurisdiction. A lawyer can provide guidance on whether any legal action can be taken and the likelihood of success.

Recommendations for the Company

  • Consult with a legal professional to assess the situation and explore options.
  • Consider the costs and benefits of pursuing legal action against a minor, as it may be more complex and less certain than actions against adults.
  • Review the contract terms and any communications with the minor to determine if there are any clauses or agreements that might affect the enforceability of the contract.
  • Explore alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, which may provide a more amicable and cost-effective solution.


In summary, while the company may feel aggrieved by the failure of the minor to pay the down payment, taking legal action against a minor can be complicated due to the protections afforded to them under contract law. The company should carefully consider the legal implications and seek professional advice to determine the best course of action.

Note: This information is not legal advice but a general guide to understanding the issues involved in contracts with minors. For personalized legal advice, please consult a qualified attorney.

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