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Can a Person Be Arrested Later for Shoplifting After Being Released by Store Security?

Question from Cracker, Can a Person Be Arrested Later for Shoplifting After Being Released by Store Security?

Answer from AI:

In the United States, it is possible for a person to be arrested for shoplifting after being released by store security. This is because the store, such as Walmart in this case, may choose to report the incident to the police, even after the individual has been released.

Store’s Right to Detain and Report

Under most state laws, a store has the right to detain a suspected shoplifter for a reasonable period of time in order to investigate. This is often referred to as the “shopkeeper’s privilege.” If the store has evidence of theft, such as video footage, they may choose to report the incident to the police.

Police Investigation and Charges

Once the police receive a report of theft, they may conduct their own investigation. This could involve reviewing the store’s evidence, interviewing witnesses, and possibly questioning the suspected individual. If the police believe they have enough evidence, they can then arrest the individual and charge them with theft.

Factors Influencing Arrest and Charges

Whether or not an individual is actually arrested and charged can depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • The value of the stolen items: In many jurisdictions, the value of the stolen goods can determine whether the theft is considered a misdemeanor or a felony. In this case, if the items are worth over $1700, it could potentially be considered a felony, which is a more serious charge.
  • The individual’s criminal history: While you mentioned that this individual has no criminal record, this is typically a factor that law enforcement would consider.
  • The store’s decision: The store may choose not to press charges, especially if the individual has agreed not to trespass again. However, this decision is ultimately up to the store.

Legal Advice and Representation

If the individual is concerned about potential legal consequences, it would be advisable for them to consult with a criminal defense attorney. An attorney can provide advice tailored to the individual’s specific situation, and can represent them if charges are filed.

Please note that this information is a general explanation and does not constitute legal advice. Laws can vary by state and individual circumstances can greatly affect legal outcomes. For personalized advice, consult with a legal professional.

For more information on shoplifting laws, you can visit the Legal Information Institute’s page on shoplifting.

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