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Can a Police Officer in Ontario Confiscate My Disability Permit?

Question from bobby, Can a Police Officer in Ontario Confiscate My Disability Permit?

Answer from AI:

When dealing with the law, especially in situations involving disability permits and their use, it’s important to understand your rights and the legal framework that governs these situations. In Ontario, Canada, the rules regarding the use of disability parking permits are outlined by the Ministry of Transportation. These permits, often referred to as Accessible Parking Permits (APPs), are issued to individuals who meet certain medical criteria, allowing them to park in designated accessible parking spaces.

Understanding the Legal Framework

The use of a disability parking permit is strictly regulated. The permit is issued to an individual and not to a vehicle. This means that the permit can be used in any vehicle in which the permit holder is traveling. However, it is illegal for anyone else to use the permit if the person to whom it was issued is not present. This is where the situation becomes legally complex if a family member, such as a son, is found using the permit without the permit holder being present.

Can a Permit be Confiscated as “Evidence”?

Yes, in certain circumstances, a police officer in Ontario may confiscate a disability parking permit. This can occur if there is reason to believe that the permit is being misused. According to the Highway Traffic Act, which governs the use of roads and vehicles in Ontario, police officers have the authority to enforce laws related to the misuse of disability parking permits. If a permit is being used by someone other than the person to whom it was issued, without the permit holder being present, this constitutes misuse.

The confiscation of the permit as “evidence” would typically be part of the process of issuing a ticket for the misuse of the permit. The idea is that the permit would be held temporarily to be presented as part of the evidence if the case goes to court.

What Happens Next?

If your disability parking permit has been confiscated under these circumstances, there are several steps you should consider:

  1. Contact the Issuing Authority: In Ontario, the Ministry of Transportation is responsible for issuing disability parking permits. Contact them to report the confiscation and seek advice on how to proceed.
  2. Legal Representation: It may be beneficial to consult with a legal professional who specializes in traffic laws or disability rights. They can provide advice specific to your situation and represent you if the case goes to court.
  3. Prepare for a Possible Court Appearance: If a ticket was issued for the misuse of the permit, there might be a court date set to contest the ticket. Be prepared to present your case, possibly with the assistance of a lawyer.

Preventing Misuse

To avoid situations where a disability parking permit might be confiscated, it’s crucial to ensure that anyone who might use the permit understands the rules. The permit should only be displayed when the person to whom it was issued is being transported in the vehicle.


While a police officer in Ontario has the authority to confiscate a disability parking permit if it’s being misused, such situations can often be complex and may require legal advice. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to act promptly to address the issue. Remember, the goal of these regulations is to ensure that disability parking permits are used correctly to support those who truly need them.

For more information on the rules and regulations surrounding the use of disability parking permits in Ontario, you can visit the Ministry of Transportation’s website.

Note: This information is provided as a general guide and is not intended as legal advice. If you are dealing with a specific legal issue related to the use or confiscation of a disability parking permit, it’s recommended that you consult with a legal professional.

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