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Can a Second Inventory Process Begin After Resolution in Portugal?

Question from Man, Can a Second Inventory Process Begin After Resolution in Portugal?

Answer from AI:

When dealing with inheritance matters in Portugal, the inventory process (processo de inventário) is a crucial step in determining the division and distribution of a deceased person’s estate among the heirs. This process is regulated by Portuguese law and is typically overseen by a notary or a court, depending on the circumstances.

Understanding the Inventory Process:
The inventory process is initiated to identify and appraise the assets and liabilities of the deceased, resolve disputes among heirs, and distribute the estate according to the will or the law if there is no will. This process can be complex and may involve various legal steps, including the payment of debts and taxes, and the actual distribution of assets.

Initiating a Second Inventory Process:

In general, once an inventory process has been resolved and the estate has been distributed, the case is considered closed. However, there may be exceptional circumstances where a second inventory process could be initiated:

  • Newly Discovered Assets: If assets belonging to the estate are discovered after the resolution of the first inventory process, it may be necessary to initiate a second process to address these new assets.
  • Contesting the Initial Process: If an heir believes that there was an error, fraud, or omission during the initial inventory process, they may seek to contest the results and potentially initiate a new process.
  • Legal Errors: If there were procedural or substantive legal errors in the first inventory process, a court might order a new process to rectify these issues.

Legal Requirements and Limitations:

The possibility of initiating a second inventory process is subject to specific legal requirements and limitations. For instance, there may be time limits within which an heir must contest the initial process or claim newly discovered assets. Additionally, the grounds for reopening an inventory process are typically limited to prevent abuse of the legal system.

Consulting with a Legal Professional:
Given the complexity of inheritance law and the potential for unique circumstances in each case, it is advisable for individuals to consult with a legal professional who specializes in Portuguese inheritance law. A lawyer can provide personalized advice based on the specific details of the case and help navigate the legal process.


While it is not common to initiate a second inventory process after the first one has been resolved, there are certain circumstances under which it may be possible or necessary. Anyone considering this option should seek legal counsel to understand their rights and the appropriate procedures under Portuguese law.

For more information on the inventory process in Portugal, you can refer to the Diário da República Eletrónico, which is the official gazette where Portuguese laws and regulations are published. It is also recommended to review the Portuguese Civil Code (Código Civil Português), particularly the sections related to inheritance and succession, for a more comprehensive understanding of the legal framework.

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