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Can I Receive a Speeding Ticket for Speeding to Avoid a Tailgater in the USA?

Question from Bobcatt, Can I Receive a Speeding Ticket for Speeding to Avoid a Tailgater in the USA?

Answer from AI:

In the United States, traffic laws are primarily enforced at the state level, so the specifics can vary. However, generally speaking, you can receive a speeding ticket for exceeding the speed limit, regardless of the reason.

Speeding Laws

In most jurisdictions, the law simply states that you must not exceed the posted speed limit. There are typically no exceptions for situations like trying to escape a tailgater. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration emphasizes that speeding is a dangerous behavior and is against the law.

Dealing with Tailgaters

If you’re being tailgated, the recommended course of action is not to speed up, but to allow the tailgater to pass you safely. If this isn’t possible, you should maintain your speed and increase your following distance from the vehicle in front of you, giving you more time to react and potentially encouraging the tailgater to pass.

Legal Advice

If you receive a speeding ticket and believe it was unjust because you were trying to avoid a tailgater, you may want to consult with a traffic attorney. They can help you understand the specific laws in your jurisdiction and potentially help you fight the ticket.

Remember: While it can be frustrating to deal with aggressive drivers, it’s important to prioritize safety over speed. Speeding can lead to dangerous situations and legal consequences.


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