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Can I Request a Reissued Deposit Refund Check?

Question from Lea, Can I Request a Reissued Deposit Refund Check?

Answer from AI:

Discovering an uncashed deposit refund check can be a pleasant surprise, but it also raises questions about your rights and the next steps you should take, especially if the check is from 2020. If you’re in Pasadena, California, understanding your rights under state and local laws is crucial. Here, we’ll explore whether you can request a reissued check and what to do if the apartment property refuses.

Understanding Unclaimed Property Laws

In California, unclaimed property laws are designed to protect consumers. These laws require businesses, including apartment complexes, to turn over funds from uncashed checks to the state after a certain period, typically three years. This process ensures that the rightful owner can still claim their money even if the check is lost or forgotten.

Key Points:

  • Businesses must report and submit unclaimed property to the California State Controller’s Office (SCO) after a period of inactivity (usually three years).
  • Once submitted, the unclaimed funds can be searched and claimed through the SCO’s website.

Steps to Request a Reissued Check

If you find an uncashed check from 2020, here are the steps you should consider:

  1. Contact the Apartment Property: Reach out to the property management or the landlord and inform them about the uncashed check. Request a reissue of the check.
  2. Provide Proof: You may need to return the original uncashed check or provide proof of your identity and your claim to the funds.
  3. Follow Up: If the property agrees to reissue the check, keep a record of all communications and follow up if you do not receive the new check within a reasonable time frame.

If the Property Refuses to Reissue the Check

If the apartment property refuses to reissue the check, consider the following steps:

  1. Check the State’s Unclaimed Property Database: Visit the California State Controller’s Unclaimed Property website to search for your unclaimed funds. If the property has already turned over the funds to the state, you can claim them directly from the SCO.
  2. Legal Advice: If you believe the property is unlawfully withholding your funds or if you encounter difficulties in claiming your money, consulting with a legal professional may be necessary. A lawyer can provide personalized advice and help you understand your rights.

Your Rights

In California, you have the right to claim your unclaimed property at any time, without a statute of limitations. This means you can claim your deposit refund, regardless of how much time has passed since the check was issued.

Remember: While you have the right to request a reissued check and to claim your funds, the specific circumstances of your case may affect how you should proceed. Consulting with a legal professional can provide clarity and ensure your rights are protected.


Finding an uncashed deposit refund check from 2020 doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance to claim your money. California law provides mechanisms to protect consumers and ensure you can recover unclaimed funds. Start by contacting the apartment property to request a reissued check. If you face challenges, the California State Controller’s Office and potentially legal advice can assist you in claiming what is rightfully yours.

Note: This information is intended as a general guide and not as legal advice. Laws and regulations may change, and individual circumstances can vary greatly. For personalized advice, please consult a legal professional.

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