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Can Khan Catering Enforce a Contract with Bradfest?

Question from Kiran, Can Khan Catering Enforce a Contract with Bradfest?

Answer from AI:

When dealing with contractual disputes, it’s important to understand the principles of contract formation and the obligations that arise from tender processes. Here are some key points to consider:

Existence of a Binding Contract

  • A contract requires an offer, acceptance, consideration, and an intention to create legal relations. KC’s initial 2-year contract with Bradfest fulfilled these criteria.
  • After the expiration of the written contract, the parties continued their relationship on a yearly basis, which may be considered a series of new contracts formed through offer and acceptance each year.
  • For KC to claim a binding contract for this year’s festival, they would need to prove that an offer was made by Bradfest and accepted by KC, with clear terms agreed upon.

Implied Terms and Reasonable Notice

  • In long-term business relationships, courts may imply a term that the contract can only be terminated by giving reasonable notice.
  • Whether reasonable notice is required, and what constitutes reasonable notice, can depend on the specific circumstances of the relationship, including its duration and the reliance placed by one party on the continuation of the contract.

Tender Process and Obligations

  • The tender process is governed by the principles of contract law. Bradfest’s invitation to tender is an invitation to treat, and a tender submitted by a supplier like KC is an offer.
  • If KC can prove that they submitted their tender in accordance with the terms set out by Bradfest (i.e., before the 3pm deadline), they may argue that their tender was improperly excluded.
  • However, unless there was a clear commitment from Bradfest to accept the lowest bid, submitting the lowest tender does not automatically result in a binding contract.
  • The accuracy of the office clock and the actions of the receptionist could be relevant in determining whether KC’s tender was late. If KC can prove that the tender was submitted on time, they may have grounds to argue that Bradfest breached the tender process.

Remedies and Next Steps

  • If KC believes they have a binding contract for this year’s festival, they could seek specific performance or damages for breach of contract.
  • If KC’s tender was wrongfully excluded, they might claim for the loss of chance or damages resulting from the breach of the tender process.
  • It is crucial for KC to gather evidence, such as witness statements or CCTV footage, to support their claim that the tender was submitted on time.

Legal Advice and Representation

Given the complexities involved in contract and tender law, KC should seek legal advice from a solicitor specializing in contract law. A legal professional can help assess the merits of the case, advise on the likelihood of success, and represent KC in any negotiations or legal proceedings.


While KC may feel they have grounds for a claim against Bradfest, the outcome will depend on the specifics of their past agreements, the tender process, and the evidence available. It is essential for KC to consult with a legal professional to explore their options and determine the best course of action.

For more information on contract law principles, you may refer to resources such as the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the UK Government’s procurement policy.

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