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Can Minors in Michigan Build and Own Long Guns?

Question from Bart Simpson, Can Minors in Michigan Build and Own Long Guns?

Answer from AI:

In Michigan, the laws regarding firearm possession and ownership by minors are specific and must be adhered to carefully. It’s important to differentiate between possession and ownership, especially for minors.

Building a Long Gun as a Minor

Firstly, constructing a firearm, such as a long gun, involves both federal and state laws. Under federal law, individuals are generally allowed to make their own firearms for personal use as long as they do not sell them and the firearms are not prohibited by law. However, as a minor, there are additional restrictions you must consider:

  • Minors under the age of 18 are generally not allowed to purchase firearms from a licensed dealer.
  • It is also important to check if there are any state or local laws that may restrict the building of firearms by minors.

Hunting License and Firearm Possession

Having a hunting license does provide certain allowances for minors to possess firearms for the purpose of hunting. However, this possession is typically limited to hunting seasons and under certain conditions:

  • The hunting license may allow you to use a firearm for hunting purposes during the designated hunting season.
  • Outside of hunting season, the possession of a firearm by a minor may be restricted.

Direct Adult Supervision and Firearm Possession

In Michigan, minors are allowed to possess firearms under direct adult supervision for lawful purposes such as hunting, target shooting, or safety training. This means:

  • The adult must be present and able to take immediate control of the weapon.
  • The adult should be someone who is not prohibited from possessing firearms themselves.

Ownership vs. Possession

Ownership and possession are two different legal concepts:

  • Ownership refers to the legal right to have control over property, which includes the right to use it, sell it, or give it away.
  • Possession means having physical control over property, but it does not necessarily mean you own it.

As a minor, you may possess a firearm under certain conditions, but ownership may be subject to additional legal restrictions.

Displaying a Firearm

Displaying a firearm on your wall can be interpreted as possession. As a minor, you should be cautious about how and where you display a firearm:

  • Ensure that the firearm is stored in a manner that complies with state laws and is inaccessible to unauthorized users.
  • Always follow safe storage practices, especially in households with children or other minors.

Using the Firearm for Hunting and Sporting

Using a firearm for hunting and sporting purposes is permissible under direct adult supervision. This means:

  • You can use the firearm for legal hunting during the appropriate seasons with a valid hunting license.
  • For sporting purposes, such as target shooting, you must also be under direct adult supervision.

Seeking Legal Advice

Because firearm laws can be complex and carry serious consequences if violated, it is highly recommended that you consult with a legal professional for personalized advice. They can provide guidance on:

  • The legality of constructing a firearm as a minor.
  • State-specific laws regarding the possession and display of firearms by minors.
  • Safe and legal storage of firearms in your home.

For more information on Michigan’s firearm laws, you can refer to the Michigan State Police website or consult the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for federal regulations.

Remember, laws can change, and it is important to stay informed about current regulations. Always prioritize safety and legal compliance when dealing with firearms.

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