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Can Non-Payment Lead to Legal Consequences Under Spanish Law?

Question from AG, Can Non-Payment Lead to Legal Consequences Under Spanish Law?

Answer from AI:

When you sign a contract, you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined within that document. In the scenario you’ve described, the contract explicitly states the consequences of non-payment for a service—in this case, the supply of cameras by TEKNOMETRIC. Understanding the implications of this clause within the context of Spanish law is crucial to grasp the potential legal consequences of non-payment.

Understanding the Clause

The clause you’ve mentioned outlines two key consequences of non-payment:

  1. TEKNOMETRIC has the right to cut off the supply of the cameras until the outstanding payment is corrected.
  2. TEKNOMETRIC is authorized to collect the installed equipment without prior notice if necessary.

This clause is essentially a protective measure for the service provider, ensuring they have a recourse if a customer fails to fulfill their payment obligations.

Legal Implications of Non-Payment

Under Spanish law, non-payment of a contractual obligation can lead to several legal consequences, including:

  • Termination of the contract: The service provider may have the right to terminate the contract if you fail to make payments as agreed.
  • Legal action for debt recovery: The service provider could initiate legal proceedings to recover any outstanding payments.
  • Impact on credit score: Non-payment can affect your credit rating, making it difficult to obtain financing or enter into contracts in the future.

It’s important to note that the specific legal actions and consequences can vary depending on the details of the contract and the circumstances surrounding the non-payment.

What You Should Consider

If you’re considering not paying for the service, it’s essential to understand that doing so can have significant legal and financial consequences. Here are a few steps you might consider taking:

  • Review the contract: Ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions you’ve agreed to.
  • Communicate with TEKNOMETRIC: If you’re facing financial difficulties, it might be beneficial to discuss your situation with TEKNOMETRIC. They may be willing to work out a payment plan or find another solution.
  • Seek legal advice: If you’re unsure about the implications of the contract or your rights under Spanish law, consulting with a legal professional can provide clarity and guidance.


While the contract clause allows TEKNOMETRIC to take specific actions in the event of non-payment, it does not mean that you can avoid payment without legal consequences. Under Spanish law, non-payment of a contractual obligation can lead to legal action, termination of the contract, and other potential consequences.

For more detailed information on contract law in Spain, you might find the Spanish Civil Code, particularly the sections related to obligations and contracts, to be a useful resource. However, for personalized advice tailored to your situation, consulting with a legal professional is strongly recommended.

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