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Can the Elderly Woman Sue McDonald’s for Her Injuries?

Question from Nan, Can the Elderly Woman Sue McDonald’s for Her Injuries?

Answer from AI:

When an individual is injured on a business’s property, they may wonder if the business is liable for their injuries. In the scenario described, the elderly woman’s potential case against McDonald’s would revolve around two main issues:

  1. The security of the parking lot and the presence of individuals engaging in drug use.
  2. The adequacy of McDonald’s response after the woman had fallen and sustained injuries.

Premises Liability and Duty of Care

Businesses in Canada have a legal obligation to ensure their premises are reasonably safe for customers. This is known as premises liability. Under premises liability, property owners and occupiers must take reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable harm to visitors. This includes maintaining the property and addressing potential hazards.

Security of the Parking Lot

If the presence of individuals engaging in illegal activities on the property was a known issue and McDonald’s failed to take reasonable measures to address it, there could be grounds for a claim. The key factors would include:

  • Whether the presence of these individuals constituted a foreseeable risk to customers.
  • Whether McDonald’s knew or should have known about the risk.
  • Whether McDonald’s took appropriate steps to mitigate the risk.

If the elderly woman’s legal counsel can establish that McDonald’s was negligent in securing the parking lot, she may have a case for damages resulting from her fall.

Response to the Injury

The adequacy of McDonald’s response after the woman’s injury is also a concern. Businesses are expected to provide reasonable assistance to individuals who are injured on their premises. While there is no strict legal requirement for businesses to maintain a first aid kit, the response should be appropriate to the situation.

In this case, the woman’s legal counsel would consider:

  • The severity of the woman’s injuries.
  • The staff’s response and whether it was reasonable under the circumstances.
  • Any exacerbation of the woman’s injuries due to the staff’s actions or inactions.

Next Steps and Legal Advice

For the elderly woman to pursue a claim, the following steps are typically recommended:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention to document the injuries and their severity.
  2. Report the incident to McDonald’s management and ensure an incident report is filed.
  3. Gather evidence, such as photographs of the scene, witness statements, and medical records.
  4. Consult with a personal injury lawyer who can provide legal advice tailored to the specifics of the case.

It is important to note that each case is unique, and the success of a claim depends on the specific facts and evidence. Legal advice from a qualified professional is crucial to understand the merits of the case and the likelihood of success.

For more information on premises liability and personal injury claims in Canada, individuals can refer to resources such as the Department of Justice Canada or their provincial law society.

Please note: This information is not legal advice but a general guide to understanding potential legal issues in the described scenario. Individuals should consult with a legal professional for personalized advice.

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