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Do You Have to Disclose Your Hot Tub Manufacturer to Customers in Ontario, Canada?

Question from john, Do You Have to Disclose Your Hot Tub Manufacturer to Customers in Ontario, Canada?

Answer from AI:

In general, there is no specific law in Ontario, Canada that requires a seller of hot tubs to disclose the manufacturer to the customer. However, there are certain circumstances and regulations that may necessitate such disclosure.

Consumer Protection Act, 2002

The Consumer Protection Act, 2002 governs most of the everyday consumer transactions in Ontario. This law requires businesses to provide accurate, clear, and comprehensible information about goods and services. While it doesn’t specifically mandate the disclosure of the manufacturer, it does require that the information provided to the consumer is not misleading or deceptive. If the identity of the manufacturer could influence the consumer’s decision to purchase, it may be considered relevant information.

Product Safety

Under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, sellers are obligated to report any health or safety incidents related to the products they sell. If a hot tub has a defect or has caused harm to a consumer, the seller may need to disclose the manufacturer’s information to the relevant authorities.

Warranty and Service Information

If the hot tub comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, the customer has a right to know who the manufacturer is, as they may need to contact them for service or repairs.


While not a legal requirement, disclosing the manufacturer can be a good business practice. It can help build trust with customers and may be beneficial in case of product recalls or warranty claims.

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