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Does a Florida Homeowners Association (HOA) Have to Notify the Homeowner of a Late Fee in Writing?

Question from Polo, Does a Florida Homeowners Association (HOA) Have to Notify the Homeowner of a Late Fee in Writing?

Answer from AI:

In Florida, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are governed by the Florida Statutes, specifically Chapter 720, also known as the Homeowners’ Association Act. This Act provides general guidelines on how HOAs should operate, including rules about notifying homeowners of late fees.

Notification of Late Fees

According to the Florida Statutes, an HOA is required to provide a homeowner with a written notice before imposing a fine or late fee. This notice should detail the nature of the violation, the amount of the fine or late fee, and provide the homeowner with an opportunity to contest the fine or fee before a committee.

Here are some key points to note:

  • The HOA must provide at least 14 days’ notice to the homeowner before the committee hearing.
  • The committee must consist of at least three members who are not officers, directors, or employees of the association, or the spouse, parent, child, brother, or sister of an officer, director, or employee.
  • If the committee does not agree with the fine or suspension, the fine or suspension may not be levied.

When Legal Advice Might Be Necessary

If you believe your HOA has not followed these guidelines, it may be beneficial to consult with a legal professional. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific situation and help you understand your rights and obligations under Florida law.


For more information, you can refer to the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act. This is the primary source of law governing HOAs in Florida and provides detailed information about the rights and responsibilities of homeowners and HOAs.

Please note that while this information aims to provide a general understanding of the law, it is not intended as legal advice. Laws can change, and each situation can be different. Therefore, for specific legal advice, always consult with a legal professional.

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