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Does a Motion for Reconsideration Affect Appeal Timing in Georgia?

Question from david, Does a Motion for Reconsideration Affect Appeal Timing in Georgia?

Answer from AI:

When dealing with legal proceedings, understanding the impact of certain motions on the timeline for appeals is crucial. In the State of Georgia, as in many jurisdictions, the rules governing the filing of appeals and motions for reconsideration can be complex and situation-specific. It’s important to note that the information provided here is general in nature and not a substitute for legal advice.

Understanding Motions for Reconsideration

A Motion for Reconsideration is a request for the court to review and possibly change its own order or judgment. In the context of Family Violence Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs), a party may file this motion if they believe the court has made an error or if new evidence has come to light.

Impact on Appeal Deadlines

Generally, the filing of a Motion for Reconsideration does not toll, or pause, the clock on the time you have to file an appeal. In Georgia, the deadline to file an appeal is typically 30 days from the date of the judgment or order. However, there are exceptions and specific rules that may apply depending on the type of case and the court in which the order was issued.

For Family Violence Temporary Protective Orders, the relevant Georgia statutes and court rules should be consulted to determine the specific impact of a Motion for Reconsideration on the appeal timeline. The Georgia Code and the rules of the court where the TPO was issued will provide guidance on the procedures for both motions for reconsideration and appeals.

Seeking Legal Advice

Because the rules can vary and the consequences of missing an appeal deadline are significant (potentially losing the right to appeal), it is highly recommended that individuals consult with a legal professional who specializes in family law and has experience with protective orders in Georgia. An attorney can provide personalized advice based on the specifics of the case and ensure that all deadlines are met.

Self-Help Resources

For those seeking to understand the process or who may not be able to consult an attorney, self-help resources are available. The Georgia Legal Aid website provides information and resources for individuals dealing with legal issues in Georgia, including matters related to family violence and protective orders.


In summary, while a Motion for Reconsideration is an important legal tool, it typically does not toll the appeal deadline in Georgia. To avoid jeopardizing your right to appeal, be mindful of the strict timelines and seek legal guidance to navigate the process effectively. Always refer to the specific rules of the court and relevant statutes for the most accurate information.

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    In summary, while a Motion for Reconsideration is an important legal tool, it typically does not toll the appeal deadline in Georgia.

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