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Does New York State Have a Winter Moratorium in 2024?

Question from Sandy, Does New York State Have a Winter Moratorium in 2024?

Answer from AI:

In New York State, the winter moratorium, often referred to as the “Cold Weather Rule” or “Home Energy Fair Practices Act” (HEFPA), is designed to prevent utility companies from disconnecting residential heat-related services during the winter months when temperatures drop to levels that could pose a health and safety risk. As of the knowledge cutoff in 2023, New York has historically implemented such protections for residents.

General Timeframe of the Winter Moratorium:

  • The winter moratorium typically begins on November 1st and ends on April 15th each year.
  • During this period, utility companies are generally prohibited from disconnecting heat-related services to residential customers for non-payment.

Conditions and Eligibility:

  • Eligibility for protection under the moratorium may depend on certain conditions, such as the household’s income level or whether there are individuals who are elderly, under the age of 18, or have a medical condition that requires heating.
  • Customers may need to provide proof of their situation to the utility company to ensure protection under the moratorium.

Important Considerations:

  • Even with the moratorium in place, customers are still responsible for paying their utility bills. Accumulated arrears during the moratorium period will still be owed once the protection ends.
  • Utility companies may offer payment plans or assistance programs to help customers manage their bills.
  • It’s important to communicate with your utility provider if you’re experiencing difficulty paying your bill.

Legal Advice and Assistance:

If you are facing a utility disconnection or have questions about your rights and protections under the winter moratorium, it is advisable to seek personalized legal advice. A legal professional can provide guidance based on your specific circumstances and the most current laws and regulations.

Additional Resources:

For the most up-to-date information on the winter moratorium and any changes to its enforcement in 2024, you can visit the New York State Department of Public Service or contact your local utility company. These sources can provide guidance on current policies and any assistance programs that may be available to help manage utility costs.

Please note: Laws and regulations can change, and it is important to confirm the current status of the winter moratorium with official state resources or a legal professional.

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