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Does Using a Chatbot in an Obscene Manner Violate the Obscene Publications Act?

Question from Pl, Does Using a Chatbot in an Obscene Manner Violate the Obscene Publications Act?

Answer from AI:

The Obscene Publications Act (OPA) in the UK is primarily concerned with the publication of obscene material. According to Section 1 of the Act, an “article” is defined as any material containing matter to be read or looked at, any sound record, and any film or other record of a picture or pictures. “Publish” is defined as distributing, circulating, selling, letting on hire, giving, lending, offering for sale or for letting on hire, or showing, playing, projecting or transmitting electronically where the matter is data stored electronically. An article is deemed “obscene” if its effect tends to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely to read, see or hear the matter contained in it.

Application to Chatbots

The application of the OPA to chatbots is not explicitly defined in the Act. However, if a chatbot is used to distribute or circulate obscene material, it could potentially fall under the definition of “publishing”. The key factor would be whether the content shared via the chatbot is considered obscene under the Act’s definition.


  • Intent: The intent behind the use of the chatbot could be a factor. If the user is intentionally using the chatbot to distribute obscene material, it could potentially be considered a violation of the Act.
  • Public Good: Section 4 of the Act provides a defense of “public good”. If the use of the chatbot can be justified as being for the public good, it may not be considered a violation.
  • Interpretation: The interpretation of the Act can vary, and it would ultimately be up to a court to decide whether a specific use of a chatbot constitutes a violation.

Legal Advice

Given the complexity of this issue and the potential legal implications, it is recommended that individuals consult with a legal professional for personalized advice. This is particularly important if you are considering using a chatbot in a way that could potentially be considered obscene under the Act.

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