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How Can Sweet Cocoa Enforce Their Arbitration Agreement?

Question from Marquee, How Can Sweet Cocoa Enforce Their Arbitration Agreement?

Answer from AI:

When dealing with international contracts, it’s not uncommon for disputes to arise regarding the interpretation and performance of the contract terms. In the case of Sweet Cocoa Ltd and Cocoalab, the disagreement over the place of performance has led to a legal conflict. Here’s how Sweet Cocoa Ltd can proceed with the arbitration and potentially use the case “Sulamerica v. Enesa” to their advantage.

Understanding the Arbitration Agreement

Firstly, it’s important to understand that arbitration agreements are generally respected and enforced by courts around the world, including the UK and Brazil, due to the principles set out in the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. This international treaty facilitates the enforcement of arbitration agreements and arbitral awards.

Enforcing the Arbitration Agreement

  • Commence Arbitration Proceedings: Sweet Cocoa should initiate the arbitration proceedings in London as per the agreement. This demonstrates their intention to abide by the contractual terms.
  • Challenge Jurisdiction in Brazil: If Cocoalab has asked the Brazilian courts to enforce the contract, Sweet Cocoa can challenge the jurisdiction of the Brazilian courts, citing the arbitration agreement that specifies London as the seat of arbitration.
  • Seek Anti-Suit Injunction: Sweet Cocoa may seek an anti-suit injunction from the London arbitral tribunal or the English courts to prevent Cocoalab from continuing with the court proceedings in Brazil.

Using “Sulamerica v. Enesa” in Favor of Sweet Cocoa

The case of “Sulamerica v. Enesa” is a landmark decision in English law regarding the enforcement of arbitration agreements. In this case, the English Court of Appeal held that despite Brazilian law governing the substantive contract, the arbitration agreement was subject to English law because London was chosen as the seat of arbitration. This case can be used by Sweet Cocoa to argue that:

  1. The choice of London as the seat of arbitration indicates an implied choice of English law to govern the arbitration agreement.
  2. Even if Brazilian law governs the substantive contract, the arbitration agreement is separable and can be governed by the law of the seat of arbitration.
  3. The English courts have the authority to grant anti-suit injunctions to protect the integrity of the arbitration agreement.

Recommendations for Sweet Cocoa

  • Consult with legal professionals experienced in international arbitration to ensure proper representation in the arbitration proceedings.
  • Prepare to present arguments based on the “Sulamerica v. Enesa” case to reinforce the validity of the London arbitration agreement.
  • Consider diplomatic approaches to resolve the dispute amicably, if possible, to avoid protracted legal proceedings.


Sweet Cocoa should act decisively to enforce the arbitration agreement by commencing proceedings in London and seeking legal remedies to prevent the enforcement of the contract in Brazilian courts. The “Sulamerica v. Enesa” case provides a strong precedent for prioritizing the arbitration agreement’s seat as a determinant of the governing law for the arbitration clause, separate from the law governing the rest of the contract.

For personalized advice, Sweet Cocoa should consult with a legal professional who specializes in international commercial arbitration and is familiar with both English and Brazilian law.

For more information on the New York Convention, Sweet Cocoa can refer to the official text of the convention.

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