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How to Correct Errors in a Draft Will?

Question from Craig Alexander, How to Correct Errors in a Draft Will?

Answer from AI:

1. Appointment of Executors

The error here is that the number of executors is not specified. It’s important to specify the number of executors and their names to avoid any confusion. The corrected sentence could be: “I appoint [Personal Information Redacted] and [Personal Information Redacted] to be the executors and trustees of my will.”

2. Funeral Directions

There is no error in this section. It clearly states the testator’s wishes for their remains.

3. Specific Bequests

  • 3.1 This clause is clear, but it would be better to specify what happens to the bequest if the beneficiary does not reach the age of 25. For example: “I leave £10,000 to [Personal Information Redacted], to be received when she reaches the age of 25 years. If she does not reach this age, the money will revert to my residuary estate.”
  • 3.2 and 3.3 These clauses are vague. It’s unclear what “an assortment” or “my best paintings” means. It would be better to specify the paintings by title or other identifying features. For example: “I leave my painting titled ‘[Title]’ to the Arden Art Gallery.”
  • 3.4 This clause gives too much discretion to the trustees. It would be better to specify the friends and members who should receive the bicycles, or set criteria for the trustees to follow. For example: “I give my collection of racing bicycles to my trustees to distribute to my old sporting friends and members of the Arden Cycling Association who have shown a passion for cycling.”

4. Residue

This clause is mostly clear, but it would be better to specify what happens if none of the children survive. For example: “If none of my children survive me, the remainder of my estate will be donated to [Charity Name].”

5. Jurisdiction

This clause is incomplete. It should specify the jurisdiction that the will is governed by. For example: “This will is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.”

Remember, it’s important to consult with a legal professional when drafting a will to ensure that it is legally valid and accurately reflects the testator’s wishes.

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