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How to Seek Compensation for Fraud on

Question from WK, How to Seek Compensation for Fraud on

Answer from AI:

If you’ve been a victim of fraud through a hotel page on, it’s important to take immediate action to protect your rights and potentially recover your losses. Here are some steps you can take, including what to write to

Immediate Steps to Take

  • Contact Your Bank: Immediately inform your bank or credit card provider about the fraudulent transaction. They can block your card to prevent further unauthorized transactions and may initiate a chargeback process.
  • Report the Fraud: File a report with the local police or cybercrime unit in Germany. This will provide you with an official record of the incident, which can be useful when seeking compensation.
  • Gather Evidence: Collect all relevant information and evidence, such as emails, screenshots of the hotel page, and any communication with the fraudsters.
  • Change Your Passwords: If you suspect that your account or any other accounts have been compromised, change your passwords immediately.

Writing to

When writing to, your communication should be clear, concise, and include all necessary details. Here’s a suggested structure for your letter or email:

  1. Subject Line: Clearly state the subject, such as “Report of Fraudulent Activity and Request for Compensation.”
  2. Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and explain that you are writing to report a fraudulent incident that occurred through their platform.
  3. Details of the Incident: Provide a detailed account of what happened, including dates, the name of the hotel, and how you were led to provide your credit card details.
  4. Evidence: Mention that you have evidence of the fraud, such as screenshots or emails, and are willing to provide them upon request.
  5. Financial Loss: State the amount of money that was stolen from your card (500 euros) and any other financial impact it may have had on you.
  6. Request for Compensation: Clearly express your request for compensation for the financial loss you suffered due to the fraudulent activity.
  7. Supporting Documents: Indicate that you have filed a police report and have notified your bank, and offer to provide copies of these reports if necessary.
  8. Conclusion: Ask for a timely response and provide your contact information for further communication.

Legal Considerations

Under German law, consumers are protected against fraudulent transactions. has a responsibility to ensure the security of their platform. If the platform was compromised, they might be liable for damages suffered by their users. However, the specific circumstances of the case will determine the outcome.

It’s also worth noting that credit card companies often have fraud protection policies in place, which may cover unauthorized transactions. The German Civil Code (BGB) may provide a legal basis for claims of compensation due to non-performance or damages.

Seeking Legal Advice

While the above steps can be taken independently, it’s advisable to consult with a legal professional for personalized advice, especially if the amount lost is significant or if does not respond satisfactorily. A lawyer can guide you through the process of seeking compensation and represent you in any legal proceedings if necessary.

Remember, each case is unique, and this information is not a substitute for personalized legal advice. For further assistance, you may want to contact a German Bar Association or a consumer protection agency.

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