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How to Structure a Seminar on “Expropriation in Investment Treaties Arbitration”?

Question from مريم, How to Structure a Seminar on “Expropriation in Investment Treaties Arbitration”?

Answer from AI:

1. Introduction

Begin with a brief overview of the topic, explaining what expropriation in investment treaties arbitration means. Discuss the importance of this topic in the context of international investment law. You might want to mention the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules as a key framework for such arbitrations.

2. Core Question

Identify the central question or issue that the seminar will address. This could be something like, “What are the legal implications of expropriation in investment treaties arbitration?” or “How is expropriation defined and adjudicated in investment treaties arbitration?”

3. Part One: Understanding Expropriation

Section A: Definition and Types of Expropriation

Discuss the concept of expropriation, including both direct and indirect expropriation. Reference relevant case law and international treaties, such as the Energy Charter Treaty.

Section B: Legal Standards for Expropriation

Explain the legal standards used to determine whether expropriation has occurred, such as the requirement of a public purpose, non-discrimination, due process, and compensation. Discuss how these standards are applied in arbitration proceedings.

4. Part Two: Jurisdiction in Investment Treaties Arbitration

Section A: Establishing Jurisdiction

Discuss the requirements for an arbitration tribunal to have jurisdiction over a dispute involving expropriation. This could include the existence of an investment, the nationality of the investor, and the consent of the parties to arbitration.

Section B: Challenges to Jurisdiction

Explain common challenges to jurisdiction in investment treaties arbitration, such as objections based on the definition of investment or the nationality of the investor. Discuss how tribunals have addressed these challenges in past cases.

Note: This is a general guide and may not cover all possible issues or complexities in a seminar on expropriation in investment treaties arbitration. It is recommended to consult with a legal professional or academic expert when preparing the seminar content.

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