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How to Update Your Business Address in Multiple States?

Question from Thao, How to Update Your Business Address in Multiple States?

Answer from AI:

When a corporation like Katalon, Inc. decides to change its business address, it’s essential to understand the legal implications and the steps required to update this information across various jurisdictions. This process can affect your Articles of Incorporation, annual reports, and other legal documents. Here’s a general guide on how to navigate these changes, especially focusing on Delaware (DE), Florida (FL), North Carolina (NC), and other states where Katalon has foreign qualifications.

Updating Business Address in Delaware

Do you need to amend the Articles of Incorporation? Typically, changing your business address does not require an amendment to your Articles of Incorporation in Delaware. However, you must update your registered agent or office address if that’s what’s changing.

Procedure and Fees: To update your business address in Delaware, you’ll need to file a change of address form with the Delaware Division of Corporations. This can usually be done online or via mail. The state fee varies depending on the type of filing and the expedited service options chosen.

Form: The specific form depends on what information is being updated (e.g., registered agent or office). Check the Delaware Division of Corporations website for the correct form.

Registered Agent: If you’re using a registered agent service like CSC, it’s crucial to inform them of the address change. They may handle the filing on your behalf.

Updating Business Address in Florida and North Carolina

For states where the renewal has already been completed for 2024, like FL and NC, you’ll need to follow a separate process to update your business address.

Procedure: Typically, you can update your business address by filing an amendment to your annual report or through a designated change of address form. This can often be done online through the state’s business filing portal.

Fees: There may be a nominal fee associated with filing an address change. This fee varies by state.

Form: Look for a “Change of Address” form or an option to amend the annual report on the state’s business services website. For Florida, visit the Florida Division of Corporations. For North Carolina, check the North Carolina Secretary of State.

General Steps for Other States

  1. Check the State Requirements: Each state has its own rules regarding business address changes. It’s essential to check the specific requirements for each state where your corporation is registered.
  2. File the Necessary Forms: This could be a change of address form, an amendment to your annual report, or another state-specific form.
  3. Pay Any Required Fees: Be prepared to pay a filing fee, which varies by state and the type of filing.
  4. Inform Your Registered Agent: If you use a registered agent service, make sure they are aware of the address change and any filings they need to complete on your behalf.


Changing your business address requires careful attention to detail and an understanding of the requirements in each state where your corporation is registered. While the process can vary, it generally involves filing specific forms and possibly paying a fee. It’s crucial to coordinate with your registered agent, if you have one, to ensure all updates are made accurately and promptly.

Note: This information provides a general guideline and is not a substitute for legal advice. Consider consulting with a legal professional to ensure compliance with all state requirements and to address any specific concerns related to your corporation’s situation.

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