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Is It Illegal to Request Images from a Minor Unknowingly in the UK?

Question from …, Is It Illegal to Request Images from a Minor Unknowingly in the UK?

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In the United Kingdom, the laws regarding the solicitation and distribution of images, especially those of a sexual nature, are stringent and clear, particularly when they involve minors. Understanding the legal implications of requesting images from someone who is under the age of 18 is crucial, even if the individual’s age was misrepresented.

Legal Framework

The primary pieces of legislation that govern this area are the Protection of Children Act 1978 and the Criminal Justice Act 1988. These laws make it illegal to take, make, share, possess, or show someone else indecent images of anyone under 18. The definition of “indecent” is not explicitly provided in the legislation but is left to the courts to determine based on the content and context of the images.

Key Considerations

When it comes to the legality of requesting images from someone who is underage, several factors are considered:

  1. Knowledge of Age: Not knowing the true age of the person can be a complex defense. The law often expects individuals to take reasonable steps to ascertain the age of a person before engaging in certain activities. If a website stated the individual was 22, but they were actually 17, the key question would likely be whether it was reasonable for you to rely on that information.
  2. Intent: The intent behind requesting the images can also be a significant factor. If the request was made without any sexual intent, it might impact the legal outcome. However, intent can be difficult to prove, and the mere possession of indecent images of someone under 18 is typically enough to constitute an offense.
  3. Nature of the Images: The legality also heavily depends on the nature of the images requested. If the images are deemed indecent, it is likely to be illegal, regardless of the perceived age of the individual at the time of the request.

Legal Advice and Steps to Take

If you find yourself in a situation where you have unknowingly requested images from someone who is under 18, it is important to take immediate steps:

  • Do not share, distribute, or save any images.
  • Seek legal advice from a professional who specializes in criminal law, particularly laws relating to online activities and child protection.

Consulting with a legal professional is crucial in these situations. They can provide personalized advice based on the specifics of your case and the current legal standards. Legal defenses in these cases are highly nuanced and require a thorough understanding of both the law and the details of the incident.

For more information on the laws regarding indecent images of children, you can visit the UK Legislation website or the NSPCC website for guidance on protecting children from abuse and exploitation.


While the law does take into account the knowledge and intent behind actions involving minors, it is important to remember that the protection of children is a paramount concern. Misrepresentations of age on websites do not absolve individuals from responsibility under the law. Always exercise caution and verify the age of individuals in situations where age is a legal concern. Remember, when in doubt, seek legal advice to navigate these complex issues responsibly.

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