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Is Viewing Criminal Justice Act Material on Google Illegal in the UK?

Question from Haines, Is Viewing Criminal Justice Act Material on Google Illegal in the UK?

Answer from AI:

When it comes to viewing material related to the Criminal Justice Act on a public website via Google in the United Kingdom, the legality of such an action depends on the nature of the material itself. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

Understanding the Criminal Justice Act

The Criminal Justice Act is a piece of legislation that covers various aspects of the criminal justice system in the UK. It includes provisions for the handling of offenders, the administration of justice, and other related matters. The act itself is a public document and can be legally accessed and viewed by the public.

Legal vs. Illegal Material

  • Legal Material: If the material is simply information about the Criminal Justice Act, such as the text of the act, commentary, or legal analysis, then it is legal to view this material online. This type of content is often available for educational and informational purposes.
  • Illegal Material: However, if the material in question includes content that is illegal to possess or view in the UK, such as child pornography, terrorist material, or content that incites hatred or violence, then viewing such material is illegal, regardless of whether it is found through Google or any other means.

Accidental Viewing vs. Intentional Access

There is a distinction between accidentally coming across illegal material online and intentionally seeking it out:

  • Accidental Viewing: If you inadvertently view illegal material, it is important to exit the website immediately and not to download or share the content. Accidental viewing is less likely to result in legal consequences, but it is advisable to report the material to the appropriate authorities.
  • Intentional Access: Deliberately searching for and viewing illegal content can lead to serious legal consequences, including prosecution under various laws such as the Sexual Offences Act 2003 or the Terrorism Act 2000.

Reporting Illegal Material

If you encounter illegal material online, you should report it to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) or the police. The IWF works to remove child sexual abuse content from the internet and can help ensure that the material is taken down.

When to Seek Legal Advice

If you are concerned about the legality of material you have viewed online, or if you are facing legal action as a result of viewing certain content, it is important to seek personalized legal advice. A legal professional can provide guidance based on the specifics of your situation.


In summary, viewing public information about the Criminal Justice Act on Google is legal in the UK. However, accessing or viewing illegal content, such as child pornography or terrorist material, is against the law. If you are unsure about the legality of the material you have encountered, or if you need legal assistance, consult with a legal professional for advice tailored to your circumstances.

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