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What does this film financing clause mean in plain English?

Question from Quinn, What does this film financing clause mean in plain English?

Answer from AI:

This clause is about the financial obligations of two co-producers, Fela and Quinn, in relation to the film’s financiers. Here’s a simplified explanation:

Guarantees to Financiers

If the people or companies providing money for the film (the financiers) need Fela and Quinn to promise (or “guarantee”) that the Production Entity will meet its obligations, then Fela and Quinn must do so.

Realizing on Guarantees

If a financier decides to enforce (or “realize upon”) these guarantees, Fela and Quinn have agreed that the financier should do so in a way that splits any amounts or liabilities equally between them (50% Fela / 50% Quinn). This is in line with the spirit and intent of their agreement.


If a financier enforces the guarantees in a way that doesn’t split the amounts or liabilities equally, then each co-producer must compensate (or “indemnify”) the other. This means that if one co-producer ends up paying more than their fair share, the other co-producer must make up the difference. The goal is to ensure that any amounts, related expenses, and other liabilities are shared equally between Fela and Quinn.


The clause specifies that the jurisdiction is Canada. This means that any legal disputes about this clause would be handled according to Canadian law.

Please note: This is a general explanation and may not cover all aspects of the clause. Legal language can be complex and the interpretation can depend on specific circumstances. It’s always a good idea to consult with a legal professional for personalized advice.

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