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What is the Faculty of Attraction in CNDH’s Jurisdiction in Spain?

Question from angi, What is the Faculty of Attraction in CNDH’s Jurisdiction in Spain?

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The Faculty of Attraction within the jurisdiction of the Spanish National Human Rights Council (Consejo Nacional de Derechos Humanos, CNDH) refers to the ability of this institution to intervene in certain cases that, while not initially within its direct jurisdiction, are deemed of significant importance for the protection of human rights. This concept is crucial in understanding how human rights are safeguarded in Spain, especially in complex cases that may transcend local or regional boundaries.

Understanding the CNDH

The CNDH in Spain plays a pivotal role in promoting and protecting human rights across the nation. It operates under the framework of both national laws and international human rights treaties to which Spain is a party. The CNDH’s mandate includes investigating complaints, advising on policy, and raising awareness about human rights issues.

What Does Faculty of Attraction Mean?

The Faculty of Attraction allows the CNDH to take on cases that are of national significance or that have a profound impact on the protection and promotion of human rights. This mechanism ensures that critical issues can be addressed at a higher level, potentially leading to more significant changes or reforms.

Criteria for Invoking the Faculty of Attraction

The CNDH may consider several factors when deciding whether to invoke its Faculty of Attraction, including:

  • The potential for the case to set a precedent.
  • The severity of the human rights violations involved.
  • The number of people affected.
  • The need for a unified response across different regions of Spain.

Examples of Cases

While specific examples may vary over time, cases that could fall under the Faculty of Attraction typically involve issues like systemic discrimination, significant breaches of privacy rights, or widespread violations of workers’ rights. These are instances where the implications go beyond local or regional concerns and require national attention.

Legal Framework and References

The operation of the CNDH, including its Faculty of Attraction, is grounded in both Spanish law and international human rights standards. For detailed information on the legal framework, individuals are encouraged to consult the official legislation governing the CNDH and relevant international treaties to which Spain is a party.

Seeking Legal Advice

It’s important to note that while the CNDH can provide a crucial avenue for addressing human rights concerns, individuals may also need personalized legal advice. In cases where you believe your rights have been violated, or if you’re considering bringing a case to the CNDH’s attention, consulting with a legal professional can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation.

  • For general information on the CNDH and its mandate, visit the official CNDH website.
  • For legal advice, consider reaching out to a human rights lawyer or a legal aid organization in Spain.


The Faculty of Attraction is a significant aspect of the CNDH’s jurisdiction in Spain, allowing it to address critical human rights issues that require national attention. Understanding this mechanism can help individuals and organizations recognize when and how to seek the CNDH’s intervention in significant cases. However, for specific legal concerns or potential cases, consulting with a legal professional is always recommended.

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