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What is the Global Stocktake in the Paris Agreement?

Question from A, What is the Global Stocktake in the Paris Agreement?

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The Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015, is a landmark international treaty that aims to combat climate change and accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low-carbon future. One of the key mechanisms established by the Agreement to ensure progress towards its long-term goals is the Global Stocktake.

Understanding the Global Stocktake

The Global Stocktake is a process that occurs every five years to assess the collective progress towards achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement. This includes the goal to limit the global average temperature increase to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C. The process is comprehensive, covering mitigation, adaptation, and the means of implementation and support.

Key Objectives of the Global Stocktake

The main objectives of the Global Stocktake include:

  • Assessing collective progress: It evaluates the world’s collective progress in addressing climate change, including efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the impacts of climate change, and provide necessary support to developing countries.
  • Informing future action: The outcomes of the Global Stocktake are intended to inform Parties to the Paris Agreement about the effectiveness of their actions and guide them in updating and enhancing their national climate plans, known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).
  • Enhancing international cooperation: By providing a global overview of progress and challenges, the Global Stocktake fosters a spirit of cooperation and solidarity among countries, encouraging them to increase their ambition in tackling climate change.

How the Global Stocktake Works

The Global Stocktake process is divided into three main phases:

  1. Information Collection: This phase involves gathering data and information relevant to the objectives of the Paris Agreement. This includes scientific reports, such as those from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as well as information on the implementation of NDCs and support provided to developing countries.
  2. Technical Assessment: The collected information is then assessed by technical experts to evaluate global progress. This phase involves a series of technical dialogues and workshops with stakeholders, including governments, civil society, and the private sector.
  3. Consideration of Outputs: The final phase involves a high-level event where the outcomes of the technical assessment are presented to the Parties. This provides an opportunity for governments to reflect on the findings and discuss ways to enhance global efforts to combat climate change.

Importance of the Global Stocktake for New Zealand

For New Zealand, participating in the Global Stocktake process is crucial for several reasons:

  • It helps New Zealand assess its own progress in meeting its climate commitments and identify areas where further action is needed.
  • It provides an opportunity for New Zealand to contribute to the global understanding of climate action and share its experiences and challenges with the international community.
  • It aligns with New Zealand’s commitment to global climate action and its role in supporting international efforts to address climate change.


The Global Stocktake is a vital component of the Paris Agreement, designed to ensure that the world remains on track to meet its climate goals. While it is a global process, its outcomes have significant implications at the national level, including for New Zealand. It highlights the importance of international cooperation and collective action in addressing the global challenge of climate change.

Note: This overview provides a general understanding of the Global Stocktake under the Paris Agreement. For more detailed information or advice on New Zealand’s specific commitments and actions related to climate change, consulting with a legal professional or environmental expert is recommended. For further reading, the official Paris Agreement text provides comprehensive details on the Global Stocktake and other mechanisms established to combat climate change.

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