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What to Do If TPR Was Filed Before Completing Substance Abuse Evaluation?

Question from Ke, What to Do If TPR Was Filed Before Completing Substance Abuse Evaluation?

Answer from AI:

When navigating a dependency case, particularly one involving the potential termination of parental rights (TPR), the sequence and completion of evaluations and treatments, such as substance abuse evaluations, can significantly impact the case’s outcome. Understanding your rights and the steps you can take in this situation is crucial.

Understanding TPR and Substance Abuse Evaluations

Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) is a legal process where a court orders the permanent end of a parent’s legal rights to their child. This is often considered in cases where there are concerns about the child’s welfare, including issues related to substance abuse by the parent. Completing a substance abuse evaluation and any recommended treatment is typically a critical component of a parent’s case plan to retain or regain parental rights.

Steps to Take If TPR Was Filed Prematurely

If a TPR was filed before you could complete your substance abuse evaluation or treatment, consider the following steps:

  1. Consult with a Family Law Attorney: Legal advice is crucial in these situations. An attorney who specializes in family law can provide guidance specific to your case and jurisdiction. They can help you understand your rights and the best course of action.
  2. Review Your Case Plan: Ensure you understand all requirements of your case plan, including timelines and conditions. Your attorney can help review this document and advise on any discrepancies or grounds for contesting the TPR filing.
  3. Gather Documentation: Collect all documents that prove you have completed your substance abuse evaluation and any treatment programs. This includes certificates, evaluation reports, and any correspondence with your case manager or treatment providers.
  4. File a Motion: Your attorney may suggest filing a motion to contest the TPR based on the completion of your substance abuse evaluation and treatment. This motion would argue that you have met the conditions of your case plan, which was not accurately considered before the TPR filing.
  5. Prepare for Court: If your case goes to court, be prepared to present evidence of your compliance with the case plan, including the completion of the substance abuse evaluation and treatment. Your attorney can help prepare your case and represent you in court.

Additional Considerations

  • Communication with Your Case Manager: Keep detailed records of all communications with your case manager and any other officials involved in your case. If there were misunderstandings or miscommunications, these records could be important.
  • Seek Support Services: Engaging with support services, such as counseling or parenting classes, can demonstrate your commitment to addressing any issues and improving your parenting capacity.
  • Understand the Appeal Process: If the TPR is granted, you should understand the appeal process in your jurisdiction. Your attorney can explain the grounds for appeal and the likelihood of success.


Facing a TPR filing is a challenging and emotional process, especially if you believe it was filed prematurely or without considering your efforts to comply with your case plan. Legal representation is highly recommended to navigate the complexities of family law and to advocate for your parental rights. Remember, each case is unique, and the advice of a legal professional can be invaluable in these situations.

For more information on dependency cases and TPR, you can visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway. However, for advice specific to your situation, consulting with a family law attorney is essential.

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