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Where Can I Find a Trustworthy Advisor Agreement Template?

Question from MC, Where Can I Find a Trustworthy Advisor Agreement Template?

Answer from AI:

When you’re at the helm of a startup, especially in the pre-funded and pre-revenue stage, securing advisors who can guide your venture towards growth and success is crucial. Offering equity to advisors is a common practice, as it aligns their interests with the success of your company. Crafting an advisor agreement that outlines the terms of this equity, including specifics like a 1-year cliff and a 4-year vesting schedule, is a critical step. Here’s how you can find a trustworthy and editable template for such an agreement in the United States.

Understanding Advisor Agreements

Before diving into where to find templates, it’s important to understand what an advisor agreement typically includes:

  • Equity Details: The percentage of equity offered (e.g., 0.25% – 1%) and the vesting schedule (commonly a 1-year cliff with vesting over 4 years).
  • Roles and Responsibilities: What is expected from the advisor in terms of contributions to your startup.
  • Confidentiality: Provisions to protect your startup’s sensitive information.
  • Termination: Conditions under which the agreement can be terminated.

Where to Find Templates

Finding a reliable template for an advisor agreement requires sourcing from credible platforms. Here are some options:

  1. Legal Document Websites: Websites like Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom offer a variety of legal templates, including advisor agreements. These platforms often provide customizable templates that can be tailored to specific needs.
  2. Startup Accelerators and Incubators: Many accelerators and incubators provide resources to their startups, including legal templates. If you’re part of such a program, inquire about available resources.
  3. Online Startup Communities: Forums and communities dedicated to startups, such as StartupNation or Indie Hackers, can be valuable resources for sharing legal templates and advice.
  4. Legal Software Platforms: Platforms like Clerky and Carta are designed to help startups with legal and equity management tasks. They often include templates for various agreements, including those for advisors.

Customizing Your Template

While templates provide a solid starting point, customization is key to ensuring the agreement meets your specific needs. Consider the following steps:

  • Adjust the equity details to match the offer you intend to make to your advisors.
  • Clearly define the roles, responsibilities, and expectations for both parties.
  • Review confidentiality and termination clauses to ensure they protect your startup adequately.
  • Consult with a legal professional to review the customized agreement. This step is crucial to ensure that the agreement is legally sound and aligns with your startup’s best interests.

Legal Advice Is Key

While templates can serve as a helpful starting point, it’s important to remember that legal documents are binding and can have significant implications for your startup. Consulting with a legal professional who understands the startup ecosystem and equity arrangements can provide personalized advice and ensure that your advisor agreement is properly structured.

For more information on creating legal documents for startups, the U.S. Small Business Administration offers resources and guidance that may be helpful.

Note: This information is intended to provide general guidance and should not be considered as legal advice. Each startup’s situation is unique, and legal consultation is recommended to address specific needs and circumstances.

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