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Do I Need to Continue Paying for My Adult Children’s Medical Coverage?

Question from MB, Do I Need to Continue Paying for My Adult Children’s Medical Coverage?

Answer from AI:

When it comes to understanding your obligations regarding medical coverage for your adult children, it’s important to refer back to the specific language in your divorce decree and any subsequent agreements. Here’s a general explanation based on the information you provided:

Understanding the Divorce Decree

Your divorce decree from 2014 states:
– **Wife (you) shall continue to provide health insurance coverage for minor children as long as it is available at little or no cost.**
– **Husband shall pay all co-pays and uninsured or uncovered medical expenses up to $2400 per year.**

Post-Divorce Agreement

After the divorce, you and your ex-husband agreed to:
– **Switch the children to his insurance due to cost considerations.**
– **You would cover the monthly costs.**

Current Situation

– **Your children are no longer minors as of January 2024.**
– **Your ex-husband and his wife are demanding you continue to make monthly payments.**

Legal Considerations

1. **Age of Majority**: In most states, the age of majority is 18. Once children reach this age, they are typically considered adults, and parental obligations for support, including health insurance, may end unless otherwise specified in the divorce decree.

2. **Divorce Decree Language**: The decree specifically mentions “minor children.” Since your children are no longer minors, the original obligation may no longer apply.

3. **Post-Divorce Agreements**: Any agreements made after the divorce should ideally be documented and, if necessary, approved by the court to be enforceable.

Steps to Take

1. **Review the Divorce Decree**: Carefully read the decree to understand your obligations. The language seems to indicate that your responsibility was tied to the children being minors.

2. **Consult a Legal Professional**: Given the complexity and potential for ongoing disputes, it’s crucial to consult with a family law attorney. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific circumstances and jurisdiction.

3. **Document Communication**: Keep records of all communications with your ex-husband and his wife regarding this matter.

4. **Consider Mediation**: If there is a disagreement, mediation can be a less adversarial way to resolve disputes.


– [Find a Family Law Attorney](
– [State Child Support Guidelines](

When to Seek Legal Advice

If you are unsure about your obligations or if there is a dispute, it is essential to seek legal advice. A family law attorney can help interpret the decree, advise on the enforceability of post-divorce agreements, and represent your interests in any legal proceedings.

**Note**: This information is intended to provide a general understanding and should not be considered legal advice. Always consult with a qualified legal professional for advice tailored to your specific situation.

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