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Can Casinos Withhold Winnings for Breaching Terms and Conditions?

Question from Akiakiaki, Can Casinos Withhold Winnings for Breaching Terms and Conditions?

Answer from AI:

When you sign up for an online casino and accept a welcome bonus, you’re entering into a contract with that casino. The terms and conditions (T&Cs) of the casino outline the rules of this contract. Breaching these T&Cs can lead to various consequences, including the withholding of winnings and the cancellation of payouts. Understanding the legal framework and your rights is crucial in such situations.

Understanding Casino Terms and Conditions

Always read the T&Cs carefully before accepting a bonus or starting to play. These documents are legally binding and detail what is expected from both the player and the casino. Common clauses that players might inadvertently breach include:

  • Creating multiple accounts to claim a bonus more than once.
  • Playing restricted games that don’t contribute to the wagering requirements.
  • Withdrawing funds before meeting the wagering requirements.

Why Casinos Withhold Winnings

Casinos, especially those operating under the same group or jurisdiction, often share information to prevent fraud and bonus abuse. In your case, Betsson and Nordicautomaten belong to the same group, which likely shares a single set of T&Cs across all their platforms. The clause mentioned, 12.1 in the general terms and conditions, likely pertains to restrictions related to claiming welcome bonuses across their network of casinos.

If they determined that claiming bonuses on both sites constitutes a breach of their T&Cs, they have the legal right to withhold winnings and cancel payouts as per the agreement you accepted upon registration.

Steps to Take If Your Winnings Are Withheld

1. **Review the Terms and Conditions**: Specifically, look for the clause cited in the email and any related to welcome bonuses and playing on multiple casinos within the same group.

2. **Contact Customer Support**: Since you mentioned not receiving a response from Betsson, try reaching out again or contacting Nordicautomaten for clarification. Keep records of all communications.

3. **Gather Evidence**: Compile any evidence that supports your case, such as chat logs confirming you were told everything was okay, screenshots of the T&Cs, and any other relevant communications.

4. **Seek Legal Advice**: If the amount withheld is significant and you believe you have not breached the T&Cs, it might be worth consulting with a legal professional who specializes in online gaming law.

5. **Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)**: Look into whether the casino group is part of an ADR scheme or regulated by a gaming authority that offers dispute resolution services. For example, the Malta Gaming Authority provides a platform for resolving disputes between players and casinos licensed under their jurisdiction.

Preventive Measures

To avoid similar situations in the future, consider the following:

  • Thoroughly read and understand the T&Cs before accepting any bonuses.
  • Check if the casinos are part of the same group or share T&Cs.
  • Use the same email address for all registrations to avoid confusion.
  • Keep records of all interactions with customer support.

Remember, while online casinos have the right to enforce their T&Cs, players also have rights. If you believe those rights were violated, you have avenues to seek resolution. However, prevention is always the best approach to avoid disputes over casino winnings and bonuses.

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